Vanesia Bechem Ayuk

Vanesia believes that Disability, is not inability.

Vanesia Bechem Ayuk, was born with visual impairment, 20 years ago. She lost both parents at the age of 7 and grew up with the grandfather, who assisted her to learn how to read and write the brails at The integrated school for the Blind, at Banso Baptist Hospital, where she graduated with the first school leaving certificate, in 2008. Due to financial difficulties, she could not continue to secondary school, or to learn a trade..

She, has a strong passion for souls, and for the welfare of children. Since she left primary school, she has spent all her time assisting families to care for children in their homes, and is presently rendering services at an orphanage (Dorcas Ministries and orphanage, Mutengene-Cameroon). In my opinion, she is a mother.

Vanesia is a talent in the music ministry. She has been lead singer in many ministrations at Christ Body Outreach Ministry programs, with the Reconcilers voices, and also with the Christ Body Conference choir. She has composed many songs, and desires to have them produced for ministration, but is limited by the lack of funding. She also believes that, despite her visual disability, she has the ability to make pursue a career in Christian Music, and would like to do so.

Vanesia believes that Disability, is not inability.
In this song she acknowledges that she was called by God into ministry, before she was born, and sees herself like someone God is preparing for signs and wonders. In the chorus, she is surrendering her life to Christ, asking God to do HIS will in her. She knows she can do all things through Christ. Listen to the song.